Commercial Kitchen

Prep Kitchen – CLE provides 2200 square feet of commercial kitchen space for local businesses. Prep is looking for commercial users that already have a food business or that have a viable and stable business idea. A commercial kitchen user should have the following:

  • Expierence in a shared kitchen space.
  • Significant business experience and a concreate business plan.
  • A wide food community in the Northeast Ohio area and the willingness to share experiences and resources.
  • A vision for their business, a larger food community and Bay Area food systems.

Admittance to Prep Kitchen-CLE is a highly competitive process that takes into account many factors and our staff will interview promising candidates. For the time being, Prep Kitchen-CLE will only be able to fill very specific time slots with commercial kitchen users. Flexibility on time will be an important consideration for admittance as a commercial user.


All commercial kitchen users must meet the following criteria listed below in order to be considered for approval:

  • Each business using Prep Kitchen-CLE is a separate business entity. As such, each business owner is responsible for compying with the city, state, and federal regulations governing food related businesses concering licensing, food safety and sanitation, taxes, employment, etc.
  • Commercial User must sign a Kitchen User’s Agreement, pay a $500.00 security deposit and attend a Rules and Regulations training course prior to using the kitchen.


liability insurance information

Kitchen users must have general liability insurance for your business operations at your sole cost and expense. Your policy must:

  • Provide liability coverage of $1,000,000 per incident and $2,000,000 on an aggregate basis.
  • Expressly cover claims based on product liability, property damage, and personal injury.
  • Name Prep Kitchen-CLE and the building owner as an additional insured. (Business must execute a waiver of subrogation in favor of Prep Kitchen-CLE and building owner.)
  • Protect Prep Kitchen-CLE and its respective directors, officers, employees, and building owners against any loss, liability, or expense whatsoever from bodily injury, personal injury, theft, death, property damage, or anything else arising out of or occurring in connection with your use and the use by your Associates of the Facilities.
  • Be obtained from an insurance company acceptable to Prep Kitchen-CLE. (In general, Prep Kitchen-CLE prefers insurance companies with a Best’s rating of “A” or better.)
  • Comply with requirements set forth by the State of Ohio.
  • Carry a severability of interests clause.
  • Not prohibit cross suits.
  • Be primary and not call upon insurance owned by Prep Kitchen-CLE and/or the building owner, Rafid Fadul.
  • Not be limited in any way because of any insurance owned by Prep Kitchen-CLE and/or the building owner.

*Prior to using the Faciilities, you must give Prep Kitchen-CLE evidence that you have obtained an acceptable insurance policy. You must give Prep Kitchen-CLE at least 30 days prior notice before cancelling or altering your policy.

Use the following information for naming Prep Kitchen-CLE and the building owner as additional insured:

Prep Kitchen-CLE address: 1305 Washington Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113

Owner: Rafid Fadul


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